Welcome.  I’m Carolyn, an actress, teacher and director based in Atlanta, Georgia.  I’m passionate about the arts, travel, and my amazing family.  I have spent my adult life seeking ways to balance rich personal relationships with a fascinating and challenging career.  I hope to explore creativity and change in myself, in those I love, and in the world around me.  Come along.

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      • Hi Carolyn,
        I read the article in today’s AJC. Your mother was my math professor at Dalton Junior College back in 1980. I had a phobia and fear of mathematics back then. She taught me how to multiply and not be afraid of mathematics. I went on to be a teacher for 30 years and enjoyed teaching math. I owe that to your mother.
        You are doing the right thing taking care of your mom. My mother lived with me the last year of her life and those are moments I will always treasure. God bless you. Your family will be in my prayers. Please thank your mother for me!
        Debbie Autry

  1. Carolyn,
    I’ve been a GA-Shakespeare fan since 1994 (or 96?) – the first production of Shrew under the tent. Season tickets all but 3 years since then. I always read my annotated Shakespeare before attending, so I can catch the double meanings and phrases we would not think significant (ex: ‘green-fed goose’ was a high luxury, fit to serve the king).

    The reason for this post is to ask you to help me do my homework prior to the show. I have read the 11-page wiki post, but I’m not sure it has as much detail as I want. I may buy the Ovid translation that the play is taken from instead, in order to learn “Slavitt’s free-verse translation”.
    Or perhaps you plan to give some detailed synopses on each of the stories. I need to do my homework before the 27th. You will find the gray-haired man with the red-haired woman eating on the patio before the performance.
    Thank you for the blog.
    Virgil & Carole Kennedy, Dahlonega

    • Wow! What a cool way to see and enjoy the show! It’s possible to enjoy the experience without any prep (because Zimmerman has done her job so well in the adaptation) but if you want to read each of the myths we are using from the Slavitt, I highly recommend it!

  2. Carolyn, I listened to your interview with Bill Nigut yesterday, and was moved. I’m from Dalton and remember your mother well. She was my math professor at DJC, and also my supervisor when I was a math tutor. She was one of those few teachers you remember, a bright place along the path to education, and I am lucky to have had her. Also, in case you didn’t know, she mentioned you to her class,often. She was very proud of you.
    I am now an attorney and author, which I mention only because education has been very important in my life. Your mother was encouraging, caring, and altogether wonderful. It sounds as if you’re both lucky to have each other. I wish your family all the best,
    Jay Jackson

  3. Hi. I remember your mom well. I was in her Pre-calculus Class at DJC. She was a wonderful teacher and such a caring person. God Bless her. Debby Bredeson Frost

  4. I am a teacher, photographer and artist in Macon, but grew up in Lilburn. I happened across your blog while doing a scavenger hunt of sorts around creative expression, authenticity and the Artist’s Way. I am so glad I did! I enjoyed your posts…we are from the same era and raised by similar people. I found them refreshingly real. I plan to facilitate a creatives group at a local art center in the Fall. I love finding people who are on my wavelength. Enjoy!

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  6. I have an origiinal oil painting by Carolyn Cook. is that you? Thnaks. glen (West Coast) 910 726 4428 . It is of a gray haired lady with glasses holding a book that says “OAC” on it. I can send you a photo if you like.

    • This is the coolest comment, and I wish I could say yes! Unfortunately, I’m not the painter, but I’m tickled to know there is a Carolyn Cook out there painting pictures of gray haired ladies. Cheers to you, Glen.

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