Something You Don’t Need

(I’ve decided to blog daily for at least a week and see what happens. This is day one.)

For months now, Mom’s been on a new tear: almost every time I see her, she says, “I have a need. I need to take you somewhere and buy you something you don’t need. Something pretty. Something just for you.” My sister gets the same line. It’s deeply endearing. But I simply can’t let Mom buy me a new blouse or knickknack every single day. I don’t have the room, and she doesn’t have the money.

But one day last week I hit on a solution. It may only work once. But here it is. Something I don’t need. Something I just want. Something that makes me happy. Thanks, Mom.


5 thoughts on “Something You Don’t Need

  1. Sometimes I find opening up for receiving is more difficult than giving. Enjoy her joy in giving this to you. Hope you can find a way around daily gifts.

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