Reading List

Today I looked at the stack of books on my coffee table and realized that they reflect my interests perfectly: I’m reading about Hamlet, dementia care, and kitchen renovation. You are thinking that anyone who would consider a kitchen renovation while doing Hamlet probably has dementia.

Point taken. What can I say?

I love my eclectic stack of reading material. I move from one exciting project to another just by opening another book, and nowadays I continue my reveries online, jumping from Pinterest photos of farmhouse kitchens to fascinating dramaturgy on Shakespeare’s women. When I absolutely must stop reading and cook dinner, I listen to an audiobook, like James Shapiro’s A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599, which dishes out all the gossip and political intrigue behind Hamlet and several other plays.

Life is good.

Books, Sept. 2013 005a

Soon, very soon, I’ll be back in the rehearsal hall with a group of actors I love and admire, building a new production of Shakespeare’s best-known play. I plan to blog more frequently as rehearsals progress; not quite daily, but almost. I can’t imagine that there’s anything new to say about Hamlet, but what the heck. I hope you’ll join me.

I’d be deeply honored to be on your reading list.

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