Final Week

I’ve made a commitment to myself to blog every day for the next week.  We close “Metamorphoses” on Sunday, and I want to honor that by documenting the final week of the run.

Today is Monday, my day off.  I’m home in my messy kitchen.  I’ve been folding laundry and ironing a few shirts for my mom, who is under the weather.   Soon I’ll be heading off to check on her and take care of the day’s errands.

A large group of friends from the theater are on the river today, tubing down the Chattahoochee in northeast Georgia.  This is an annual ritual, the Monday tubing trip, eagerly anticipated.  It includes camping and s’mores and it must be wonderful, but I have missed it every year.  I never want to give up a precious Monday at home.  Every year I tell myself I’m going to go, and every year I wind up right here in my messy kitchen. 

Which says something about how much I love it here.

Tomatoes in Window 2013 002

When we bought this house in 1995, the first thing we planned to renovate was the kitchen.  We may finally get around to it by 2015, but I’m not holding my breath.   I can never decide what renovations I want or how much I’m willing to spend, and there’s always something more interesting to do than rip out linoleum flooring.  So I keep baking bread in the 1961 Custom Deluxe Frigidaire Flair oven, and I keep ripening tomatoes on the drafty windowsill over the sink.

Photo Class Jan. 2013 023

I’m grateful for the roof over my head and the floor under my feet and the people who share this house with me.  A week from now my show will close and I will join, once again, the ranks of the artistically unemployed. When I wake up next Monday morning, this messy kitchen will make me feel right at home.  

One thought on “Final Week

  1. As a fellow thespian and the mom of next year’s Georgia Shakespeare Scholar to intern with y’all, I have so enjoyed your blog entries. Break a leg, girl!

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