Music Hath Charms

(Part of a series about “Metamorphoses” at Georgia Shakespeare, running through July 21, 2013.)

I have been hanging around with a bunch of ancient Greek gods for most of the summer, and I’ll be the first to say that the people I work with are divine.  But this weekend, the truth was revealed to me.  They are much more than gods.

They are rock stars.

Neal Ghant

Neal Ghant

The artists in our company came together for two post-show cabarets on the terrace this weekend, and sang their hearts out for an audience of patrons and friends.  My photos are blurry, but my memories are sharp:  a board member and his wife dancing to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”; the whole audience singing along on “All You Need is Love”; silence and rapt attention for a beautiful rendition of “Both Sides Now.”

Ann Marie Gideon

Ann Marie Gideon

Our performers included actors who’ve been with the company for more than twenty years, interns who are less than twenty years old, and everyone in between.  An assistant stage manager sang opera. A wardrobe assistant played the violin.  The production manager blew bubbles.  The audience thrilled to it all.

There is something about music, and particularly song, that connects people.  Add to that the joy of being outside, relaxing in the muggy sweetness of a Georgia summer night, and you’ve got a ticket to paradise.  I am, indeed, in the presence of the divine.

Park Krausen and friends

Park Krausen and friends

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