Diving In

(Part of a series about creating a new production of “Metamorphoses” by Mary Zimmerman at Georgia Shakespeare, summer, 2013.)

We wrapped up our second ten-out-of-twelve tech rehearsal on Tuesday.  As I write this, it’s barely Wednesday morning (12:18 a.m. to be exact), which means our first show for an audience is tonight.

The first few public performances are previews.  We try out the show for these early audiences, finding out what works and what needs tweaking.  The director and designers are still “in the house”, watching and learning from the audience’s response.  

This is a heady time.  I love the exhilaration of the early shows.  I love getting to play with an audience for the first time, learning where the laughs are, discovering what moves people.  It’s a new beginning.

Kristin, Park, and Tess

Kristin, Park, and Tess

But it’s also an ending.  For several weeks, our merry band of actors has spent the bulk of each day together.  We’ll continue to rehearse in the afternoons for the next few days, but once the show opens, we’ll spend our days on our other projects, and come together in the evenings to perform.

We’ve worked hard together, but we’ve also had fun. I’ll miss the camaraderie of the rehearsal process.  We’ve formed new bonds and reinforced old ones.  Some of us have worked together for longer than some others of us have been alive.  This mix of old and new friendships is life-giving.

Barrett Doyle as Phaeton

Barrett Doyle as Phaeton

And now it’s time to invite the audience into our world.  We’ve kept it to ourselves long enough.  So here we go. 

Everybody in the pool, dude.  Let the water sports begin.

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