Divinity School

(Part of a series about creating a new production of “Metamorphoses” by Mary Zimmerman at Georgia Shakespeare, summer, 2013.)

Ever met a god?  An Olympian, perhaps?   No?

I can hook you up.

We had a “ten out of twelve” rehearsal today, meaning that the actors were called for ten hours of work over a twelve-hour period.  We got into costumes and worked our way through the whole show, stopping to give every technical element its due.

I was dazzled by the costumes.  Designed by Christine Turbitt and executed by Katy Munroe and her team of wonder-workers in the GS costume shop, they are a feast for the eyes.  

I love seeing my fellow actors transformed into other people – or in this case, other beings altogether.  Let me introduce you to a few divine creatures . . .

Zeus (Chris Kayser)

Zeus (Chris Kayser)

Aphrodite (Tess Kincaid)

Aphrodite (Tess Kincaid)

Poseidon (Neal Ghant)

Poseidon (Neal Ghant)

Now it’s late at night; my work day is done, but I’ll bet anything the tech crew and designers are still at it.  When I left the theater, they were just sitting down to plan the next step in our process.  Opening night is only days away, and these artists and artisans will leave nothing to chance.

They are the true Olympians.

5 thoughts on “Divinity School

  1. Carolyn, this is almost as wonderful as when we were roommates and I got to watch a show unfold through your stories when you got back to West. Thank you!

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