Eros and Psyche

(Part of a series about creating a new production of “Metamorphoses” by Mary Zimmerman at Georgia Shakespeare, summer, 2013.)

One of the simplest tales in our show is the story of Eros and Psyche.  It’s told in the form of a Q and A – literally, the characters who tell the story are called “Q” and “A” in the script, and they speak in questions and answers.  I don’t know if it’s a nod to Socrates or to the modern news interview.  Either way, it’s compelling.

Eros is the son of Aphrodite, goddess of love, and Psyche means soul.  So this is the story of the soul’s search for love.  

Kristin Butler as Psyche, Barrett Doyle as Eros

Kristin Butler as Psyche, Barrett Doyle as Eros

Sometimes the soul has to suffer before it finds love; sometimes it has to be very still and feel very alone.  Sometimes it feels rejected.  But eventually, love reaches out for the soul, and the soul responds. 

Metamorphoses Three, Spring 2013 015

And then, it is possible to have a happy ending.

Metamorphoses Three, Spring 2013 017

I came home from a long day at the theater, with a lot on my mind, and found love in my kitchen, packing his lunch for tomorrow.  He didn’t have wings.  But I knew who he was.  He looked a lot like my husband, and he had obviously just washed the dishes.

That’s a happy enough ending for this day.

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