The Journey Begins

Journeys, I have in mind. Image

I’m embarking on a journey this week, with a group of brave theater artists, to create a new production of Mary Zimmerman’s “Metamorphoses” at Georgia Shakespeare.

I choose those words carefully:  Journey.  Create.  New.

Metamorphoses 2013 083

I’ve done this play before, with this company.  That’s one of the things that happens at a theatre based in the classics:  you revisit stories.  You travel through plays at different points in your career, at different stages of your personal life; you graduate from ingénues to leading ladies to elderly aunts and nursemaids.  If you are lucky (and I am very lucky), you spend decades learning the stories that matter most, from the inside out.  Hamlet.  King Lear.  The Odyssey.  The Cherry Orchard.  Metamorphoses.

Every time, with every production, you learn yourself anew.  Who are you now?  How have you grown?  What do you have to give that you didn’t have before?

You draw from the old, the timeless, to create the new.  And every night when the houselights dim and the stage lights go up, you create it again.  New.

Metamorphoses 2013 026

Our journey began this week.  I plan to blog about the stories we tell, the work we create, the gifts we share.   I welcome your thoughts.  What journeys are you on?

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