Step One

Sorry, but a journey of a thousand miles does not begin with a single step.  It begins with a cup of coffee.


There are ten actors in our production of “Metamorphoses” (I promise to introduce them soon!)  Our stage management team keeps two coffee pots going all day long.  There are purists who bring in their own java from Starbucks, but I drink the stuff in the hall, complete with that nasty generic powdered creamer.  (I always contribute to the coffee fund. The bigger the fund, the better the grounds.)  One of these days I’ll even remember to bring milk.


I’m a tea drinker at home, but there’s something about coffee at the theater that gets my juices going.  Maybe it’s the caffeine, but I suspect it’s also the communal pot, the delicious smell, the shared liquid, the mugs labeled in gaff tape.  I can work now; I know right where I am.  I belong here.  I have a mug with my name on it.

(Here’s my buddy Park with hers.  See how happy she is?)


Later in the process, when we’re working even longer days and rehearsing into the night, coffee will be more than a stimulant.  It will metamorphose.  It will become the nectar of the gods.

But for now, it’s the little push we need to start our journey of a thousand miles.  Step one.


(Tomorrow:  who’s in the company, and what happens after we’ve had our coffee!)

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